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Dead Sea Treatments

The Dead Sea lies some 400m below sea level at the lowest point on the face of the earth. For centuries it has been known to be an effective bioclimatological resource for the treatment of skin and allergy disorders. The results have been astounding. No other health resort of this kind is as effective.

Unique clinics utilize the natural minerals and salts found locally to treat the following:


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At the Dead Sea you will find a unique combination of climatic conditions: sun, water, mud and air which have been proven to offer excellent natural treatment for all these health conditions. The results have been astounding. No other health resort of this kind is as effective.

The Dead Sea is one of the most saline lakes in the world, which gives its water, and mud unique characteristics.

Due to the great heat and the unlimited sunshine the lake has the highest evaporation rate in the world. Large amounts of evaporated water are absorbed by the dry air, creating a natural sunscreen. The remaining water is saturated by high concentrations of salt and minerals such as chloride, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromide and more. The potassium is used to create the world best fertilizers while the magnesium will soon be utilized to provide unlimited amounts of magnesium metal, the building material of the future.

In recent years, the Dead Sea area has become a health, rehabilitation, recreation and beauty spa. The combination of the year-round favorable climate, the thriving health and beauty centers, and the unique natural and historical tourist sites, attract both vacationers and health-cure visitors from around the world.

Many of our clients return on a yearly basis for long-term relief. סרטים לילדים The Dead Sea Spas also offer unique and exotic beauty treatments.



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